Book Review - AA 50 Walks in Snowdonia & North Wales

A five minute browse online and you’ll realise there are tons of walking books, but which do you go for? We bought the AA’s ‘50 Walks in Snowdonia and North Wales’ because it was small and cheap. We figured it would fit nicely into a backpack on a hike, and it was only £6.99! Having tried several of the hikes from this book, we decided to give it a full review. We have rated the book on five criteria - choice of walks, descriptions, mapping and directions, portability and value for money. Check out our review below!


Score: 5/5

With 50 walks varying in distance, terrain and difficulty, this book has plenty to offer. You can find mountain hikes, town circuits and beautiful woodland trails, as well as walks around waterfalls, moorland, lakes and farmland. The distances lead from 3 miles up to 10 miles and how a key to show how challenging they are, so you can decide how energetic you’re feeling. Some of the routes have an option to extend them half way round, which is a feature we particularly like in this book. It’s nice to set off knowing that if we’re tired we can take the easier option.

Book review - 50 Walks in Snowdonia and North Wales


Score: 5/5

Each walk has a description to give the reader some information about the terrain, points of interest along the walk and a little background story. If we’re unsure where we fancy exploring, we like to read the descriptions and compare before making our choice. The descriptions have all given an accurate picture of the type of landscape and we’ve never found ourselves disappointed. They even include some historical facts and stories about local myths and legends.


Score: 3/5

Although there are maps of each walk, these are not very detailed and will not be enough to help you navigate some of the more challenging walks. The written directions certainly help, but we have found that some of the directions are very ambiguous. We’ve had to back-track and turn around on a few occasions. The maps are great when used alongside an OS map though, as you can use this book to plan out your hike and mark the trails on the more detailed OS map. Occasionally an OS map can be difficult to read too, especially on moorland or mountain walks; this is where the written directions can sometimes help too.


Score: 4/5

The book is small and fairly lightweight, so easy to stick in your day pack when out walking. You may also be able to fit it in your coat pocket. However, the pages start to stick together if they get wet, so it’s not so easy to use in the rain.


Score: 5/5

Overall this is a fantastic little book for a very small price. We’ve definitely gotten our moneys worth and we’d highly recommend this book to help you plan your walks in Snowdonia and North Wales! Buy the AA’s ‘50 Walks in Snowdonia and North Wales’ book here.

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Book Review - The AA's '50 Walks in Snowdonia and North Wales'