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We answer some important questions sent in from other bloggers to share our aspirations, values and interests with our readers.

Starting out as a new blogger can be difficult and slow, so teaming up with others and helping to promote each other’s work is really important. That’s why we thought we’d try something new and get involved in a blogger tag. Along with 12 other bloggers, we have decided to share our thoughts on writing, travel and life to give you a little insight into the people behind the blogs! We each submitted a question for everyone to answer, meaning there are 13 questions in total. We’ve added tags to each of the bloggers, next to the questions they have asked; we hope you check them out if you get some time!

So that’s enough of an intro, let’s get on with the questions…

  1. What made you want to start a blog? -

    We didn’t mean to start a blog initially; we actually had a hiking database. However we found ourselves writing posts with personal thoughts and opinions and enjoyed sharing our tales, so decided to separate this out and start a blog. Since we were attempting a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, we felt that writing our experiences into a blog would be a great way of documenting our trip for our family and friends to read, and as a journal for ourselves once we returned to the UK.

  2. What’s your favourite post that you’ve created?

    My favourite post to write was How our Appalachian Trail thru-hike attempt affected our bodies. As a health professional, I am always recommending physical activity to people and I take a keen interest in general health and wellbeing. However, pushing ourselves to hike 600 miles through the mountains had such a huge impact on our bodies that we were left pained and exhausted. I found it really interesting to analyse this and hoped it would interest other potential thru-hikers!

    Chris’s favourite post to write was Fontainebleau bouldering - Planning a road trip because it got us excited for our next big adventures!

  3. Where in the World are you from?

    I am from Dover in South East England, where I lived in the same house for my whole childhood. Chris spent his early childhood in St Andrews, Scotland, but then moved around different RAF bases depending where his dad was stationed, before settling in Lincoln as a teenager. We both moved around as young adults and eventually found ourselves in London, where we met. After two years together in the capital, we moved to North Wales. We are now happily settled in Snowdonia!

  4. What country is at the top of your bucket list? -

    Me - Tanzania

    Chris - Japan

  5. What’s your favourite way to relax at the end of the day? -

    Reading, gentle stretch routines, a hot bath and a soothing sleep story on the HeadSpace app. (If you haven’t listened to a sleep story before, you should definitely give it a go!)

  6. How did you come up with your blog name? -

    We are called Chris and Charlie, and our blog is about our adventures! We wanted to keep it broad, rather than focus on hiking as this means we can adapt and grow.

  7. Biggest goal as a blogger? -

    To be able to earn enough money through blogging that we could head to more exciting destinations and engage in more epic activities. We’d love to be able to afford fancy camera equipment and make beautiful documentary films that would inspire others to get outdoors and explore more!

  8. What’s the one thing you hope people get from visiting your site? -

    Inspiration to get outside and to take notice of the world around them.

  9. What advice would you give beginner bloggers? -

    The main piece of advice would be to research everything first. Read about Search Engine Optimization and how to use Pinterest properly. Make sure your posts are going to be seen and are easy for others to share. Your content will improve as you go, but even the most beautifully written posts are useless if they don’t show up anywhere! I wrote a post about starting a travel blog that goes into much more detail, but it’s relevant for all blogs really! You can read it here.

  10. What are some of your hobbies? - @the0nlyariana

    We both love bouldering and have recently started climbing with ropes, but I’m finding the increased height quite scary! At weekends when the weather is alright we like to get outdoors and hike in our local forests and mountains. If we have more time and money we’ll go away for a weekend and explore a new city, try new restaurants or hunt down some fancy coffee bars. On a standard weekday evening though, we enjoy board games, Netflix series and playing with our kitten.

  11. Where is your #1 favourite place to eat? -

    One of the things we miss about London is the food. There were so many amazing places to eat that we just couldn’t choose. We used to love visiting the Southbank food market in Summer and trying all the street food. The best street food we have had since moving to Wales must be from Renegade Kitchen. They are completely vegan and do the best falafel ever!

  12. What’s your favourite part about being a blogger? - @thoughtsfromjasmine

    Having a reason to practice writing, photography and video-editing. Maintaining a blog gives us a sense of direction and focus to keep us motivated in developing these interests and skills. Learning is fun, especially when it involves adventures!

  13. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? - (Our question!)

    We could mention some of the mountains we’ve summited, or learning to climb, but really I’d have to say our move to Wales. Although we felt unsettled in London, we’d become a little passive and realised we were just floating along with city life without really enjoying it. Resigning from our nicely paid jobs and packing up our flat to become homeless and jobless filled us with anxiety, but having our Appalachian Trail thru-hike to prepare for kept us focused. It wasn’t until we decided to quit our hike that we felt the panic. New jobs, new country, new house and just the two of us. I’d never lived with a boyfriend before, let alone moved to a new country with one, away from all my friends and family. Once I’d finished catastrophising and found a fantastic job, everything started to go to plan and things have worked out amazingly well. Facing our fears has been the best thing we’ve ever done. Now I just need to get over this fear of heights!

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