Why you should move to the countryside and embrace rural life

Having lived in rural Wales for over two months now, we have fully embraced country life and could never imagine returning to live in a city. Although it comes with it’s challenges, the benefits far outweigh these. Our lives have vastly improved and so could yours. Here’s why we think you should move to the countryside and embrace rural life as we did:

The air is fresher. Less people and less traffic means cleaner, fresher air. There’s a higher life expectancy in the countryside (in the UK at least) because there are less toxic fumes from vehicles and factories. Having less people crammed into a small area also means less germs. On a commute to work in London you could be picking up germs from hundreds of people. The more people you pass and the more surfaces you touch, the higher the possibility of becoming contaminated. According to the London Assembly, every year 9,000 Londoners are dying prematurely because of air pollution. You can read more about the air quality statistics here.

Why you should move to the countryside and embrace rural life.

The views are better. Who doesn’t love the view of mountains, rivers, forests or desert?!

The people are friendlier. Every time we go out for a walk we are greeted with warm smiles and “afternoon”s from locals. In shops and cafes, staff ask how we’re doing and make an effort to remember our names for our next visit. People genuinely want to chat and get to know each other. People will go out of their way to help each other, even to strangers or new folk they barely know.

The cost of living is lower. For the price of a room in a shared house in London, you can rent a whole 3 bedroom house with a large garden in the countryside. You could even buy a one-bedroom house for under £80,000! With a decent sized garden, you’ll have space to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs, which could save you hundreds on your food shopping each year. Although this will obviously take some time to get going. You might also have space for rain-water collection to use rainwater for your washing machine and loo; this would save money on water bills as you wouldn’t be using so much tap water. If you like going out for drinks, you can get a pint in a country pub for around £3.50. Whereas city prices tend to be higher, with London pints costing around £5. Restaurants and takeaways are cheaper in the countryside too. You can compare the cost of living expenses by area using the Numbeo Cost of Living Comparison.

The pace is slower. With less pressure to be in loads of places at once, or to keep up with hundreds of friends, country life is much more chilled. Although people still get impatient on their way to work, no-one barges past you as you shop, or shoves you as you get on public transport. People are much more civilised and polite. Catch-ups are arranged in advance and appointments have more flexibility, so evenings after work are quiet and relaxing. In big cities like London and New York, there’s a sense that you should always be doing something in order to be considered ‘interesting’. No-one cares in rural areas. You can do as little or as much as you like and you won’t be judged. Spending all your evenings chilling at home in front of the television is perfectly normal.

The grass is greener. Before any big life changing decision there is bound to be some anxiety. What if things go wrong? What if it doesn’t work out like I wanted? What if things get worse. For us, the grass was greener in the countryside. And it really is! We now live in the rainiest part of the UK, so our grass is always green!

If we’ve convinced you that country life is wonderful and you’re now considering a move, have a read of our blog post about how we gave up our lives in the city. Where do you dream of escaping to? What’s holding you back? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Why you should move to the countryside and embrace rural life.