Useful Welsh words and phrases


The Welsh are a very proud bunch of people and they love their language, despite it being spoken by pretty much no-one outside of Wales. The Welsh language evolved from Celtic and has been spoken for hundreds of years. To stop this unique and ancient language from dying out, anyone who can speak Welsh tends to speak it as much as possible. Thankfully, English is the main language spoken in tourist areas, making it much easier for visitors to communicate, but if you do find yourself visiting smaller towns and villages then it may be useful to learn some common phrases. It will also show the locals that you are interested in their history and culture, which is only ever a good thing! 

Below are some of the most useful phrases to get by in Wales, with pronunciation in brackets. If you'd like a book with a more comprehensive collection of phrases, we'd recommend 'Speak Welsh' by Gwen Pritchard-Jones; it's very cheap and also includes a dictionary. Alternatively, WikiTravel has a fantastic list on their website, including greetings, questions, directions, numbers and food.

Useful Welsh words and phrases



Yes - Ie (ee-yeah) 

No - Nage (Nag dee

Thank you - Diolch (Dee-olch

Please - Os gwelwch yn dda (Os gwel oowch un tha

Excuse me - Esgusodwch fi (es-gis-OD-oo'ch vee)

Sorry - Mae'n ddrwg gen i (My th'roog gen ee) 


Hello - Helô  (Hello)

Good morning - Bore da (Boh-reh dah)             

Good afternoon - Prynhawn da (Prin-houn dah

Good evening - Noswaith dda (Noss-why-th tha

Goodnight - Nos da (Noss dah) 

Bye - Hwyl (hoo-il) 


What's your name? - Be' dy'ch enw chi? ( bay di'ch enoo ch'ee? 

My name is_____ - ______ yw f'enw i. ( _____ you ven-oo ee


Where is...? - Ble mae... (Blair my...

Coffee - Coffi (Coffee

Tea - Te (Teh

Toilet - Ty bach (tee bach


I don't speak Welsh - Alla i ddim siarad Cymraeg (Alh'a ee thim SHARad kym-RYE-g)


We hope you've found this list helpful. If there are any other phrases or sayings you'd like to share, please use the comments below!


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