Darn Tough's - Why you'll never choose another hiking sock again

We believe that Darn Tough’s are the best hiking sock brand you can find, and we’ll go into our reasons why below. Being a Vermont-based company, they are very popular with hikers across the United States of America, but they are still relatively unheard of in the UK. We were first introduced to Darn Toughs when hiking the Appalachian Trail in Spring 2018; almost every hiker we met wore them! Since returning to the UK we have only seen them in a handful of independent outdoors shops, although we hear they are spreading their way around more outfitters since a new UK distributor has been appointed within the company.

So first things first, I must tell you that they’re not cheap. In fact, they are rather pricey for a pair of socks, at £20 a pair. HOWEVER, they come with a lifetime guarantee, meaning that once you’ve bought a pair, you never need to buy a replacement pair again! It doesn’t matter how many miles you’ve hiked or how many holes your socks have accumulated, all you need to do is fill in the form online and Darn Tough will send you a new pair! In the long run, this could save you hundreds of quid on socks!

Darn Tough trekking sock review

Made from Merino wool which has been ethically sourced, Darn Tough socks are great for conscientious hikers needing a high performance trekking sock. The Merino wool is moisture-wicking and anti-microbial, which helps to reduce blisters and minimise odor. They dry really fast too, which is great for multi-day hikes if you only have a couple of pairs of socks!

Depending where you plan to hike, the terrain and weather you will encounter, there will be a pair of Darn Toughs perfect for your needs. They have thin Summer socks with minimal cushioning, right through to thick padded Winter socks. I own a pair of Summer socks with light cushioning and arch support, and a medium pair with more cushioning on the soles. Both pairs are really comfortable and have walked several hundred miles with me. Having been washed many times, they have held their shape without shrinking like other brands I’ve worn.

There are numerous designs and colours to choose from, including specialist designs for some of America’s long-distance hiking trails (the Appalachian Trail being one of them). I love their striped and patterned socks, but they also have plain colours. For those of you wanting extra warmth, they even do knee-length pairs.

To summarise, Darn Tough socks may be expensive, but they are worth every penny and have a lifetime guarantee. So in the long-run, they are an absolute bargain! Now that we’ve tried and own several varieties of their hiking socks we are fully converted to this ethical Vermont-based brand.

You can shop for Darn Toughs on Amazon by clicking this link.

What do you think? Which other hiking sock brands have you tried? Leave your comments below!

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