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We met in London in 2016 and started going on lots of hiking dates in the countryside. Following several multi-day hiking/camping trips, we realised that we wanted to wake up to the view of mountains every day. London just didn't satisfy us anymore. We craved rural life and more adventures, so in December 2017 we packed up our flat in Hampstead and said goodbye to our jobs in the city. With the aim of inspiring others to get outside and explore more, we started this blog in January 2018, before embarking on our own adventure to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. Having spent all our money in Virginia, we returned to the UK early and started looking for work again. We were lucky to find amazing jobs that allowed us to move to rural Wales and we're now living close to Snowdonia, with epic mountain views every day.

We finally achieved our escape to the country!

For our next travel adventures we will be taking road trips in our new Adventure Wagon (a VW Passat estate) and continuing to explore new destinations whenever we can.

Follow us as we continue our adventures, road trips, travels and hikes!


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